Review: BrokenRail EP

What do you do when your latest full-length record is being held up by production delays but has fans rabid for its release? It’s an easy solution if you’re BrokenRail- you release a teaser EP. That’s exactly what they’ve done, too- with their self-titled, three song EP. It’s a hell of a teaser, too. Now, with just three songs, the challenge is that you have virtually no room for filler or weak tracks. Challenge accepted and challenge obliterated. I like to break this record down into three parts- attitude-filled attention grabber, ass-kicking and addicting single and then the take-it-home adrenaline rush. “Memory” kicks things off with the attitude-filled attention grabber. This one isn’t to be taken lightly at all. It’s loaded with attitude and aggression and lets you know the band is here and they’re going to make a statement. Then there’s the ass-kicking and addicting single in “Walk Again,” which- if you’re like me- you’ll listen to 20 times in one sitting because it is that damn good (random reference to WWE Superstar Triple H). It’s got everything a rock radio hit is made of- not to mention the music video absolutely dominates. Finishing off the release is “Save Me,” which takes things home with a complete adrenaline rush. This- much like the last two tracks- is an anthem that stands on its own or plays perfectly right in line with “Memory” and “Walk Again.” In the end, things couldn’t be looking any better for BrokenRail. Each track is produced and written to perfection and come off flawlessly. Then again, they’re mixed and mastered by legendary producers Kane Churko and Logan Mader as well as Joseph McQueen. With a team like this behind BrokenRail and some of the strongest writing of their career, their upcoming full-length release is on track to be the one the band is remembered for and will definitely put them on the map. Rating: 10/10 -Reggie Edwards