Review: Bobaflex- Eloquent Demons

Bobaflex may be one of the hardest-working independent bands in the world- scratch that- they are. Between releasing a new record every two years to touring nonstop to releasing singles and cover songs in between albums, the Bobaflex train is one that just doesn’t stop. You can either get onboard or get run the hell over. Their latest offering- Eloquent Demons– comes almost exactly two years removed from 2015’s Anything That Moves, which spawned numerous fan favorites and hits. The new record keeps the momentum going and is possibly their most dynamic since 2011’s Hell in My Heart. The record opens with the title track- a quick intro that features a demonic voice leading a rally- in other words, all hell is about to break loose. And it does with opening track “I Am a Nightmare.” One thing that separates Bobaflex from the rest of the pack is the vocal style. Their multi-vocal attack is one that will knock you on your ass if you aren’t ready for it. It’s equally as beautiful as it is deadly. “I Am a Nightmare” shows Bobaflex coming out hot, swinging for the fences and they knock it out of the park from the very start. This is one of the best songs they’ve ever written and it’s addicting if you aren’t prepared for it. If that’s one of the best Bobaflex tunes yet, lead single “Long Time Coming” has to be mentioned in the running as well. Ever since it released, the track has been picking up steam and putting the band on another level- and rightly so. It’s raw, gritty and rock and roll epitomized. With “Say What You Will” and “Lights Out” you’ll have your ass kicked and then have it dancing, moving and grooving- maybe in that order, maybe not. Bobaflex have always had that aspect to their music that makes you wanna get your drink on and not stop until the sun comes up- this is the part of the album where you do that. Ready? Now go. Bobaflex have always had a dark, emotional side to their songwriting and lyrics and “Real Sadness” exactly that. It will make you think back on your own life and where you’ve been before their cover of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You” hypnotizes you and pulls you under. The band has always been the masters of the cover tune (remember their insane cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence?”) and this one is even better. Bobaflex can’t leave you on that note, it’s too soft. This is where the band goes down in a blaze of glory and goes out swinging. Just as they started, they knock it out of the park here too. In the end, Bobaflex have returned from Anything That Moves and blown it all out of the water. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the strongest records of the band’s career. The band really has been through hell over the years and, with Eloquent Demons, they truly do show us hell. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards