Review: Blessthefall- Hard Feelings

Six albums in, Blessthefall know exactly how to keep things fresh and their latest record- Hard Feelings does just that. With 10 power-packed songs, the record sits at just under 38 minutes in length and the songs flow together so perfectly, you may not realize the songs have changed if you don’t pay attention. “Wishful Sinking” and “Find Yourself” open the record in interesting fashion. They have that signature Blessthefall sound and feel but show the band featuring a softer vibe at some parts. Don’t get me wrong, the songs are heavy, but the band is obviously widening their horizons, which works very well. “Melodramatic” is the first track of the record that fans will recognize as pure Blessthefall. The unclean vocals are strong and Beau Bokan’s soothing voice fills in the gaps. This continues through “I’m Over Being Underrated,” after which we get to “Sleepless in Phoenix” which is an emotion-jammed metal anthem that both new and longtime fans will fall in love with. Closing the record out is “Welcome Home,” which has the most amazing guitar solo these guys have ever crafted and this may be the standout track of the record. In the end, Blessthefall have put together their most creative venture yet and it opening up the floodgates has really paid off. There’s something for new and old fans alike to sink their teeth into and/ the band should be more than proud of what they’ve done with Hard Feelings. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards