Review: Bleeker EP

Upon first listen to the new self-titled e.p from Ontario’s Bleeker (formally Bleeker Ridge),which is comprised of vocalist Taylor Perkins, guitar players Cole Perkins and Dan Steinke, bassist Mike Van Dyk, and drummer Chris Dimas, it’s painfully obvious that these Canuck’s are veterans of the music industry and have probably been around the block a time or two.

Bleeker’s sound is somewhat of a hybrid and difficult to pin down. Complete with an up-tempo, 1970’s hook infused concoction that gives the feeling of a love child fathered by  Wolfmother, Buckcherry (sans the gargling with broken glass vocals) & Maroon 5 (if they were amazing).

Opening song Highway, along with the bulk of the e.p. is upbeat that has plenty of crossover appeal between the standard rock and adult alternative radio stations. It has the strength to reel in listeners force them to investigate further.

On Track four, I’m Not Laughing Now, Taylor Perkins vocals are reminiscent of an early 1970’s Beatles aura that somewhat gives the impression that Bleeker is giving a tip of the cap to a band that is not only is an old favorite but a deep influence as well.

Normally, Canadian bands don’t typically find stardom in the U.S. but it might be possible that Bleeker changes history.

Check out the video for Highway below…