Review: Blacktop Mojo- Burn The Ships

Texas natives Blacktop Mojo are getting ready to release their new album Burn The Ships on March 10th. This album has already made its way into my top 5 favorite releases of 2017 simply for the fact that every single song is so different and there\’s so much diversity on Burn The Ships that it\’s hard to find something to not like about it. From heavy hitting guitar solos and absolutely beautiful melodic vocals to ballads and a hint of twang this album truly has it all. Burn The Ships starts off with “Where The Wind Blows”, a song that really touches on that southern vibe with a very unexpected but intense guitar solo making for the perfect opening song for the album. The title track “Burn The Ships” is a bit on the heavier side and showcases every single band member in one kick ass song. “Prodigal” slows things down a little bit and has some pretty intense lyrics behind it. Vocalist Matt James outdid himself on this track,his voice is absolutely beautiful. My absolute favorite song on this album has to be “Pyromaniac”. This song is pissed off and has almost a grungy feel to it. The guitar solo complimented by the heavy bass line really brings the whole song together. It\’s fantastic. Of course I have to point out the guys took a shot at covering “Dream On” from Aerosmith. Hands down one of the best covers I have heard in a very long time and the video they made for the cover was pretty cool as well. Overall, Burn The Ships was refreshing and quite impressive. Blacktop Mojo will definitely be a band to look out for in 2017 on the charts and hopefully out on tour because I would love to see some of this album played live. Rating: 9/10 -Tera Ford