Review: Blacklite District- 1990

Blacklite District’s 1990 comes just one year after a double-album year and follows up in strong fashion.

Even though the record isn’t vocally strong, it makes up for that with strong lyrics and music. Opener “Gotta Get Outta Here” starts with a weird mix and effects but picks up steam and gets catchy very quickly while “Clear Skies” is chock full of emotion and you can hear the pain Blacklite District was in when putting the song together. “Room 23,” “My Way Out,” “Confessed” and “Back Into Darkness” are the standout tracks on this record and fly high above the rest of the album.

With great guitar solos, personal lyrics and anguish-filled vocals, 1990 is the album of Blacklite District’s career and it’s going to be hard to go up from here.

Blacklite District wear their emotions on their sleeve and aren’t afraid to bear what they really feel and we all benefit from it.

Rating: 8/10

-Reggie Edwards