Review: Black Dawn- On Blackened Wings

\"\"Back for the first time since 2014’s Until We Meet EP, Black Dawn have returned with On Blackened Wings, and this five-track EP isn’t only a strong continuation of their previous work but also a nod to bands that have come before them. 

“Help Me” kicks it off with killer riffs pounds away; It’s a strong opener with a catchy chorus, guitar heavy and grabs your attention before “Hold Me Down.” With it’s slow, pounding rhythm and minute-long intro it’s the low point of album and not a strong song but also not a bad one either. 

“Thoughts of Yesterday” features a bass-heavy intro with Alice in Chains-style vocals that meet Godsmack-style guitars. It’s an addictive,psychedelic trip and picks things back up quickly and dominantly turns the album back around while “I Can’t Believe” possesses a rhythm changing, one-minute intro that keeps you on your feet and a bridge that gives you chills.

“Through These Eyes” closes things out perfectly with a Three Days Grace “Riot” riff intro, showing the band can play almost any style of rock and metal and puts the final touches on an EP that the band should be proud of and that their fans won’t be able to get enough of. 

In the end, while this is a strong EP, the intros are everything for the band but they seem to rely on them too much and the guitar work is very strong. 

Imagine Godsmack meets Pantera meets Alice in Chains and you have Black Dawn. On Blackened Wings is musically and stylistically impressive and the vocals demand your undivided attention. 

Rating: 7/10

-Reggie Edwards