Review: Bad Wolves- N.A.T.I.O.N.

It seems like Bad Wolves started touring before their debut- Obey released and just kept going and going. Now their sophomore record- N.A.T.I.O.N. is out and they’re still going strong. The fact that this album is as strong as it is with how busy Bad Wolves have been is impressive. “I’ll Be There” starts the record off with aggression, much like “Officer Down” did on Obey but this one finds a way to be more destructive yet more melodic at the same time. The band uses a familiar guitar riff but it works and is even catchier. “No Messiah” features a solo mixed with piano that’s a flawless touch to the song and the build up to Tommy Vext’s screaming vocals shortly after is pure perfection while “Learn to Walk Again” is reminiscent of “Learn to Live.” Lead single “Killing Me Slowly” has a strong sonic and vocal Nickelback vibe- if Nickelback was heavier and is a great choice for first single. However, much like “Zombie,” gives fans a sense that the band isn’t as heavy as they actually are. “Better Off This Way” is the first sample of a true ballad on the record- an area Bad Wolves have always been strong in and some would argue their ballads are actually better than their heavy songs. Much like Bad Wolves ballads in the past, this song should resonate with fans as Vext’s vocals are just as angelic as ever in every sense of the word This is a deep, personal track that will bring a tear to your eye. “Foe or Friend” features a children’s choir throughout and is a great touch as we’re back to the heavy onslaught. This one’s more destructive coming off the slower pace and the rest of the record is like a caged animal getting unleashed for the first time. The fact this record is as strong as it is shows how good this band actually is. Their lyrics are deeper and the music hits even harder; The catchy songs are catchier, the radio singles are more memorable, the guitar, bass and drum work is more polished and Tommy Vext’s vocals are more dynamic than before. They’ve knocked it out of the park once again with this album Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards