Review: Babymetal- Metal Resistance

Just a few years removed from their self-titled debut, Babymetal are back with the follow-up sophomore effort- Metal Resistance– and if you dug their debut, you\’re guaranteed to find yourself spending hours discovering more and more to fall in love with. Babymetal are by far one of the most polarizing bands in metal today among fans- you either love them or you hate them- and the response among the rock and metal big names has been just as such. Their self-titled debut peaked at no. 12 on the US Hard Rock chart and hit no. 1 on the US World chart and saw the band playing Rock on the Range and their first major headline tour in the US. Enter 2016 and Metal Resistance not only lives up to any and all expectations but it proves a lot about Babymetal. With just one record out, Babymetal were seen by many as just a novelty band and one that wasn\’t going to be a mainstay. A lot of people expected them to just fizzle out after their initial run of fame. With Metal Resistance, Babymetal proves that couldn\’t be further from the truth. With this record, they show firsthand that they\’re here to stay and that they could become one of the powerhouses in today\’s metal world. The songs hit harder, they\’re heavier, ballsier and more aggressive overall. Babymetal even throw in a few ballads that will knock you on your ass with how versatile the girls\’ vocal ranges actually are. That\’s right- they\’re not just three Japanese girls dancing to metal music- they\’re singers- and damn good ones, which they prove over and over again with Metal Resistance. Not a lot of people give the backup musicians enough credit with Babymetal- with this record, they show more talent than they did with the self-titled record and you\’ll have a hell of a time trying to find a collective group of musicians with more diverse talents- they switch things up so often on these songs it\’s insane. In the end, Babymetal have silenced any and all doubters and show that they have exactly what it takes to become one of the strongest metal acts today. Whether you like it or not, this band is here to stay and they have some of the catchiest songs you\’ll find. Give Metal Resistance a spin and you will become a believer of the Babymetal! Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards