Review: The Attack – On Condition

With the release of On Condition\"img_4578\", Orlando, FL quartet The Attack, comprised of Charlie Bender – Vocals, Brad Palkevich – Guitar, Tito Esquiaqui – Drums & Mikey Cortes on Bass have drawn comparisons to bands like Millencolin, Street Dogs, Bouncing Souls & a litany of mid to late 90’s punks. With Gainesville, FL label Paper + Plastic in their corner, The Attack seem ready to take on the world and give a sluggish and almost withered present day punk rock scene a much needed shot in the arm. Remember that record that you muscled through listening to over and over in hopes that on the next fucking listen you’ll abruptly fall madly in love with it but never seems to materialize? Thankfully, On Condition is NOT that record and The Attack is NOT that band!   With lyrics such as “What happened to the music that changed my life?” from opener, On Call to Arms, vocalist Charlie Bender puts listeners on notice that punk rock is missing something and The Attack is eager to fill that void. Rest assured that while On Condition is not only full of internal message, solid vocals & tight musicianship but it also fills the empty space in punk rock just like it says.   Favorite Tracks: Four of a Kind & Title Fight