Review: Asking Alexandria- Where Do We Go From Here

Ever since Danny Worsnop rejoined Asking Alexandria back in 2016, they’ve been a very different band and their sound has evolved exponentially. 

From the release of the first singles from their self-titled record, the band started racking up some of their highest-charting singles and they haven’t looked back since, continuing this with their latest record, Where Do We Go From Here?

The record starts in heavy fashion with “Bad Blood,” “Things Could Be Different” and “Let Go” but they change it up with “Psycho” and “Void,” the latter of which may be the biggest hit off the record and is a fist-pumping arena anthem that really stands out. 

“Let the Dead Take Me” is a catchy one that’s loaded with fun moments and will make you dance but has a chorus that really gets you while “Kill it with Fire” is a quick one that’s an ode to the punk rock heyday and lasts just over one minute long. 

“Holding on to Something More” is tailor made for radio, slowing down at just the right moments to give Worsnop a chance to really show off his voice. It’s one that you’ll remember long after the album is done. 

The band closes things out with the title track, an acoustic heartfelt cry of emotions that picks up right at the perfect time, letting Worsnop really let loose and show what his vocals can really do and is a powerful way to end the record. 

With this record, Asking Alexandria continue to build on the success and evolution they’ve had over the last few years and prove yet again why they deserve to be ranked among the top acts in rock and metal.

Rating: 8/10

-Reggie Edwards