Review: Asking Alexandria- Self Titled

Asking Alexandria are getting ready to release their self-titled 5th studio album, which us also their first album since the band reunited with frontman Danny Worsnop. This album is absolutely phenomenal from start to finish. Not only is almost every song hit single-worthy but the lyrics are raw, powerful and in a few songs a little bit too relatable. Asking Alexandria have set the bar unbelievably high going into 2018. Starting off the album is “Alone in a Room.” For anyone who has ever gone through a tough time and had to do some serious self-evaluating this song is definitely for you. While the lyrics are pretty deep and meaningful it\’s an extremely catchy song that I found myself dancing to. It\’s pretty cool that instead of making it dark and depressing they put an upbeat spin on it. Following that is lead single, “Into The Fire.” The first time I heard this song I was in love. Everything about it is loud and in your face. It truly stands out on this album for being one of the heavier songs and I can only imagine it\’s going to be a crowd favorite on their upcoming tour. “Hopelessly Hopeful” is one of my personal favorite songs on this album. I haven\’t connected to a song like I\’ve connected to this one in a very long time. This is another song on this album that has some pretty dark lyrics but yet you find yourself dancing to it. I really appreciate how personal the lyrics in this song are and how listeners catch another deep glimpse into the mind of Worsnop. “Where Did It Go” is basically a huge middle finger to every single hater the band has ever had and it is awesome. The song is perfect for this album and really hits a lot of valid points about the band and their success. It\’s definitely going to be one of the more successful songs from this album. “Empire” is a song that really stood out to me. It\’s a mostly rap track featuring Bingx and it\’s pretty badass. The song itself lyrically is outstanding and is very tastefully done. Even though it sticks out on this record, it works really well. While there are a few spots on the album where it loses its momentum this is overall the most solid album I have heard in awhile. I can’t to see this new material played live when they hit the road in early 2018. Rating: 9/10 -Tera Ford