Review: From Ashes To New- Panic

From Ashes To New are a band that has consistently evolved and matured musically from album to album. Day One sounded different from The Future, which sounded completely different from their third record- Panic The band has never shied from showing their emotions and tackling tough subjects like mental health, depression, anger, rage, abandonment and more and Panic is no different- and is a much needed album in a time where mental health is an all-time low for many people.  “Scars That I\’m Hiding” opens the record in anthemic fashion with a choir as Danny Case’s vocals come in with a line that says it all: Anxiety keeps me awake. This one is powerful and sets the stage for a record that’s the most emotional and open from FATN yet. The chorus is so catchy and relatable and it’s one hell of a way to kick the record off. “Brick” is big from the very start but it’s a slower rock song yet still slings fire. This one’s lyrics are the bread and butter: Holding onto a ledge, the whole world kicks my fingertips away and it’s too late.   After “What I Get” brings us a song for anyone who’s ever been beaten down after giving everything they have to someone only to get left in the dust, “Blind” offers up some Link Park-esque rock jams. “SideFX” is one of the heaviest songs FATN have written yet. It has bits of electronic, peaceful rock sprinkled in but quickly rips into the heaviness.  The song catches fire at 1:10 and is an adrenaline-pumper that would fit perfectly into the live setlist; Matt Brandyberry’s rap parts are the fastest raps he’s done on an FATN album yet.  “Panic” was the first taste of this album fans got and, though it wasn’t planned, fits the current global climate perfectly with impeccable timing.  It’s been out long enough already that it’s become a favorite among FATN fans and embraced so strongly that it  feels like it’s been around forever and it’s KoRn-style guitars combined with rap vocals are a match made in Heaven.  “Wait For Me” features a completely different style than we’ve heard from the band before. Featuring an acoustic approach with electronics trickling in before the chorus goes heavy, it’s a catchy tune with a guitar solo that the gods would be proud of. When the light goes dark and I fall apart will you wait, wait, wait for me? When it hurts like hell and I lose myself, will you wait, wait are just some of the lyrics that make this song so powerful. “Bulletproof” showcases funky, groovy guitars to open the song and yet another completely different musical avenue than we’ve ever heard the band use and we aren’t complaining.  “Death Of Me” hits you with lyrics that cut deep and hit a nerve that most of us can relate to but might be afraid to open up about: I lost myself along the way and self destruction was my price to pay. I light the fuse and walk away, say goodbye to everything you feel for me, the death of me.  Lance Dowdle’s guitars scream classic Three Days Grace and this one is Danny Case’s coming out party as his vocals really stand strong on this one.  Finally, “Change My Past” is the perfect way to close out the record with its  hypnotic, transic instrumentals hooking you and making you feel the vocals and lyrics.  In the end, this is FATN’s strongest record by far. It’s loaded with emotion-driven lyrics that are needed in today’s world; it’s clear that they want to give the fans battling with mental health and darkness an anthem and that’s exactly what this record is. Lyrically, this is the band’s best work and that says a lot with past songs like “Breaking Now,” “Every Second,” “Crazy” and more but the band has always held their hearts on their sleeves and, with Panic, they’re unapologetic, vulnerable and brutally honest and everyone wins from it.  Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards