Review: From Ashes To New- The Future

\"\"Adversity and hard-times can sometimes make or break a band- more importantly, it can lead to some of the best stuff a band will ever write and that’s exactly what happened From Ashes to New sat down to put together what would eventually become their sophomore album- The Future.

This record says exactly what the band was going through- even as far down as the title goes- this is the future of From Ashes to New and it’s a damn good one too. Their debut was a dominant piece of art but The Future blows that one out of the water.

“Wake Up” opens with the rap-rock style that made them so popular in the beginning but “Crazy” is where the band really comes into their own. It has an acoustic guitar opening and rips into a hard rock anthem that should be in the running for “Song of the Year” and is just catchy as hell, packed with pure, raw emotion and is a track that we can all relate to in so many ways.

“My Name” is a hip hop-fueled track that gives rap vocalist Matt Brandenberry a chance to really shine before the chorus rips in and absolutely destroys you before the song slows back down but when it kicks back up it really pumps the adrenaline and the moments where the verses turn to the chorus is a feeling you can’t put into words- it’s just amazing.

“Gone Forever” is a fast-paced rock track that changes the pace up perfectly, before “Broken” does the same but features the rap-rock vocals yet again before an electronic-laced “Forgotten” slows things down with a lyrics that show the band exploring their deepest emotions.

“Enemy” is a slow-but-powerful track that keeps things going before “Nowhere to Run” is a cool change-of-pace that would fit in a club but also at the biggest rock festivals and really gives new singer Danny Case a chance to show what he can do before Brandenberry comes in rapping and hearing the two go back and forth, feeding off each other is just fun to listen to. When the song really gets going, it’s a blood-pumping electronic/techno-rock anthem that you just can’t get out of your head. This is one of the standout tracks- by far.

“Let Go” is a song anyone can relate to if they’ve ever lost someone from their life- whether a death, breakup or whatnot while “On My Own,” switches back to the signature FATN sound before the title track closes it out in strong form, featuring blazing spitting rap lines from Brandenberry before a choir-filled chorus from the rest of the band rounds the song out.

In the end, FATN have turned a new page and opened a fresh chapter in their story and legacy. Enough cannot be said about new singer Danny Case and drummer Matt Madiro; they came in and completely own their roles and seem right at home with the rest of the band.

If the sun were to set on From Ashes To New today and they never wrote another song again, The Future is a record they can be proud of and is one that features so many different sounds and styles, it’s impossible not to find something to love on this record. FATN didn’t just avoid the sophomore slump- they caught it, grabbed it by the neck and absolutely obliterated it, solidifying themselves as one of the most underrated yet most promising rising bands in all of music- not just rock.

Rating: 9.5/10

-Reggie Edwards