Review: Another Lost Year – Alien Architect

 Another Lost Year has really blown me away with their new album Alien Architect. We all have certain albums we can listen to without skipping a single song and Alien Architect is definitely one of those albums for me. Each song sounds familiar, yet new at the same time and with the lovely vocals from Clinton Cunanan, it makes singing along that much more fun.

The band pre-released a video for the second song off of Alien Architect called Wolves, which is clearly going to be a major hit off of the album with it being one of the heavier songs. Trigger Finger is also a fantastic song with solid lyrics and catchy guitar riffs. The beginning of the song feels like it’s pumping you up for something big and it does not disappoint, easily making it my favorite song on the album. Lastly, the song He Took Beautiful Away is one of the most impactful songs on Alien Architect. The lyrics almost touch your soul, making it feel a tad eerie.

Overall, I am pretty much in love with Alien Architect. I will say that some of the songs do sound a little bit similar in the vocals and at points too repetitive but overall Alien Architect is a very well put together album, with a nice southern touch to it.