Review: Amaranthe: Breaking Point B-Sides 2011-2015

Coming almost one year to the day after their hugely successful Massive Addictive album from last year, Swedish melodic masters Amaranthe have dropped a new collection of B-Sides entitled Breaking Point B-Sides 2011-2015 as a holiday bonus for those fans already rabid for their next album. Breaking Point consists of six re-imagined acoustic renditions of some of the band’s biggest hits, along with two powerhouse bonus tracks from the last four years and three albums. This may sound hard to believe since we’re talking about a metal band, but the slightly folksy edge of “Hunger” and “Burn With Me” allows the vocals of Jake Lundberg and Elize Ryd to shine through like never before, while “Afterlife” and “Trinity” will help open the listener’s mind to the simplistic beauty of an acoustic guitar and a piano. Elsewhere, their breathtaking versions of “Amaranthine” and new single “True,” where they replace power chords with powerful vocals, will leave you speechless. While the two original songs “Breaking Point” and “Splinter in My Soul” will leave you wondering how songs this strong didn’t make the cut, ending up as a B-Side. Here’s the bottom line. While it may not be quite as essential as the band’s three stellar full length albums, Breaking Point is still one hell of a good listen and worth owning. 8 out of 10. -Eric Hunker