Review: Alestorm- No Grave But The Sea

Many things separate Alestorm from your everyday metal band. First, obviously their music is pirate-themed. Automatically, it’s awesome. Then there’s the prominent keyboards. On top of that, their music is just fun.

They just released their fifth studio record- No Grave But the Sea via Napalm Records and it’s one that fits right in among the rest of their records but it also stands strong on its own as well. This quest shows the band trekking into some new territory on a few songs but still staying true to what’s made them so popular too.

They open up with the title track and, from the very onset, the keyboards are very strong and gives the feel that you’re on a pirate ship, traveling across a great ocean in the pouring rain. It’s very vivid and we’re off to a roaring start and it’s clear we’re in for one hell of a ride.

“Mexico” is an Alestorm track through and through. It’s got everything- donkeys, ale, women, cactus and more. This is a party song if there ever was one and the music video is fucking amazing. “Mexico” will be a quick fan favorite.

“Alestorm” is a song that’s been a long time coming. It just makes you wonder why they waited five albums to write the song- it just seems too perfect not to do. On this track we see the band venturing into the screaming vocals on a few verses and it works beautifully. If any song encapsulates what Alestorm is all about its …”Alestorm.”

Then there’s “Fucked by an Anchor,” which could be the new drinking song of a generation. As frontman Christopher Bowes mentioned in the interview, imagine a soccer stadium completely packed and both sets of fans are screaming profanities back and forth at each other. That’s what “Fucked by an Anchor” feels like and it’s magical.

Throw in tracks like “Bar and Imbiss,” “To the End of the World,” “Pegleg Potion” and closer “Treasure Island” and this may be the most successful voyage for Alestorm yet.

The band has successfully evolved a little bit and tried some new things but stuck with what they know works. This is the strongest we’ve seen Alestorm yet and things are only getting stronger. If this is any sign of what’s to come, the future for Alestorm is brighter than ever.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards

Alestorm\’s Christopher Bowes talks No Grave But The Sea: