Review: Adelitas Way- Getaway

Since their inception in 2006 Las Vegas based rockers Adelitas Way have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music today and have landed six singles in the top 10.

Riding on that wave of momentum and coming hot on the heels of last year’s hugely successful Deserve This EP the band have just released their fourth full length studio album Getaway, a melodic rock masterpiece that has world domination well within their grasp.

Getaway was co-funded by the fans through the Pledge Music Campaign and was produced by Johnny K and even though the bulk of the second half of the album is essentially the Deserve This EP revisited, since it was so damn good it takes nothing away from the sheer brilliance of the album as a whole.

The line “I don’t give a fuck what you think” not only sums up lead single and video for “Bad Reputation,” but the attitude that resonates through the album’s glorious 44 minute running time. Whereas title track “Get Away” could have come from any of the Stone Temple Pilots albums.

Lead singer Rick DeJesus’ vocals really shine on slightly Nickelback flavored cuts like “The Good Die Young” and “Shame,” while stylistically “Low” draws musical inspiration from Chevelle and that take no shit attitude continues on into the aptly titled “Put You in Place.”

As we mentioned before much of the second half is the Deserve This EP, but for those of you who missed it, here’s a quick recap.

Filthy Heart” and “Sometimes You’re Meant To Get Used” aren’t just some of the heavier songs the band has ever done, they’re also some of the angriest lyrically and with a sound that falls somewhere between Nickelback and Theory Of A Deadman,” it’s easy to see why “I Get Around” was such a breakout hit.

It seems to be a reoccurring theme, but “Harbor the Fugitive” is also guilty of invoking the spirit of Nickelback, which in their case is a good thing and “Deserve This” is another full on rocker that closes the album as strongly as “Bad Reputation” started it.

Here’s the bottom line. With a future as bright as theirs it is way too early to foresee just how magnificent future albums may be, but up to this point Getaway is their Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Rating: 9 out of 10

-Eric Hunker