Review: 3 Pill Morning- Never Look Back

In today\’s rock world, it\’s easy to pay attention to the juggernauts and overlook some of the smaller, lesser-known bands. Sometimes those are the ones who work the hardest, though, and it shows in the music. One of those bands is 3 Pill Morning- and they\’ve been going strong for five years when their debut EP- Take Control released- but even longer if you count their full lifespan- and they\’re set to release their second full-length record, Never Look Back, and it\’s one that lives up to the large expectations set by fans. All three members are at the top of their game on this one- Ryan Lee\’s bass work is perfectly balanced, Jon Stephenson\’s guitar work is as good as it\’s ever been and frontman Jeff Stebbins is as aggressive as ever- if not more. Lyrically, vocally and musically, this is some of their best work. The downside, though unfortunate, is the ballads. The instrumentals don\’t seem to mesh well with the vocals but the rock tracks more than make up for it. Songs like lead single “Electric Chair,” “Escape,” “Kill For You” and others that are loaded with impressive lyrics, a blistering screams by Stebbins and are nothing but pure emotion. Then there\’s the electronic-infused “The Queen” and “Bottom of a Barrel” and the title track “Never Look Back,” (co-written by Hollywood Undead\’s Charlie Scene),  which are as beautifully infectious as they are heavy. In the end, 3 Pill Morning have released a record that is a huge step above its predecessor and is a great place for new fans to start. 3 Pill Morning may have been around for a minute but they\’re still early in their recording careers and they\’re doing exactly what they need to- they\’re keeping the momentum going and improving with every release. Rating: 7/10 -Reggie Edwards