Reverend Horton Heat: Rev review

Finally, at long last, the psychobilly himself, Reverend Horton Heat and his band have released their latest album, Rev, which is destined to please longtime fans and make a believer out of any new fan who picks it up. Rev marks the band’s debut for Victory Records and it’s one hell of a way to debut. With insane guitar solos and riffs and rockabilly tones at their best, Reverend Horton Heat has outdone himself here. Rockabilly is seeing a bit of a resurgence with bands like Volbeat really exploding lately so this is the perfect time for Reverend Horton Heat to make their mark with a Victory Records release and one as good as Rev. Rev features of the best song titles you’ll see too, which is nothing new for Reverend Horton Heat. “Let Me Teach You How to Eat,” the lead single of the album, doesn’t even do the record justice- the entire album as a whole is outstanding and by far the Reverend Horton Heat’s best work to date. The band has outdone themselves here and it’s gonna be interesting to see what they come up next. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards