Rev Theory drops new single \’Born 2 Destroy\’

Creation often requires destruction. Everything must be razed in order to be rebuilt stronger again. That certainly proved to be Rev Theory\’s experience while making their fourth full-length album and first for Another Century, B2D [Born 2 Destroy]. In 2012, the Los Angeles quintet-Rich Luzzi [lead vocals], Julien Jorgensen [rhythm guitar], Matty McCloskey [bass, backup vocals], Dave Agoglia [drums], and Paul Phillips [lead guitar]-found itself at something of a crossroads. After two successful albums 2008\’s breakout Light It Up and Justice in 2011, the group split from the major label system and anxiously pondered its next move. \”We were completely lost at the end of that experience,\” admits Julien. \”We started questioning why we wanted to make music. We had been chasing this rock \’n\’ roll dream and were really suffocated under the influence of all these people around us. So, we started writing songs to please no one other than ourselves. At first there was a lot of anger and resentment that fueled the subject matter. Reinvention started. That was the main theme. Sex and violence were the primal elements serving as catalysts for the new material. Through the adversity and ups and downs of the major label experience, we said, \’Fuck it. We\’re going to make music for ourselves\’. That\’s the genesis of this.\”