Redlight King- Something For The Pain

\"\" by Reggie Edwards One of the best debut records I’ve heard in a long time comes courtesy of Something For the Pain by Redlight King. This record combines rock with rap and throws some very personal and deep lyrical content at us. Redlight King is the long-coming brainchild of frontman Kaz. Starting off strong with the title track, it’s pretty clear from the get-go that Redlight King are a strong force that will be with us for awhile. Going straight into the second song, “Bullet in My Hand,” I was already captured, hook-line-and-sinker. I was singing along by the end of the first run-through. Songs like “Old Man,” which took the band a substantial amount of time to gain permission to do, as it samples the Neil Young classic, is the epitome of what Redlight King are about. Then you have more upbeat songs like “Comeback,” which get you singing, dancing and headbanging in one sitting, which is hard to do these days. All-in-all Something For The Pain is a power-punch of personal songs that any fan of the rock-rap genre should be chomping at the bit for, especially in a day and age where songs with lyrical substance are a minimal. Rating: 9/10