Red- Release the Panic review

\"Red by Reggie Edwards A few years have passed since Red released Until We Have Faces and they’re finally back with their fourth studio record, Release the Panic, an album that will blow you away. Opening with the title track, Red make it very clear they’re on a mission to reach a dying world that’s panicking over small things in the grand scheme of life. Moving onto “Perfect Life,” a stadium anthem if there ever was one; you can close your eyes and picture the song being played in a huge arena with thousands singing along. Making it clear there’s more to life than fame and having everything you could ever want, Red turn the heat up with this song, getting us ready for the rest of the album. “Damage” and “Die for You” are two of the deepest, hardest hitting tracks on the record, on which Red obliterates our ears with heavy lyrics and equally devastating guitar work. Then switch over to “Hold Me Now,” a ballad if there ever was one, reminding us of “Not Alone,” “Start Again” and “Pieces,” from their first release, End of Silence. “Same Disease” takes the same approach as “Perfect Life,” giving that anthemic rock energy- one which is hard to get on a studio recording. Release the Panic doesn’t have a dull moment even with the softer tracks. This is Red’s best work, hands down- whether you’re looking at their message, their music, their ballads, their anthems or any other aspect. This couldn’t be a more complete album. Rating: 9.5/10