Red Line Chemistry: Chemical High and a Hand Grenade review

Red Line Chemistry are back after a two-year wait in between albums- not a long wait at all but the new record- Chemical High and a Hand Grenade is well worth the wait. A follow-up to Tug Of War, this one shows Red Line Chemistry at their best. The band has expanded their sound exponentially and have created a more powerful and eclectic punch than they\’ve ever had. Lyrically the band is right on point and musically more dominant than they have been on any other album. There\’s shades of funk, rock, metal and more and you won\’t be able to stop listening. Nine years into their career, Red Line Chemistry are showing no signs of slowing down and why should they? With an album like Chemical High and a Hand Grenade, things are only looking up for the band. Look for big things from the band over the course of this album cycle, it looks like they\’ve really come into their own. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards