Razablade Real

by: Cameron Edwards \"Razablade\"

Underground Juggalo rapper Razablade has two personas he performs under, there’s Rico Relentless and Razablade Real. The two personified stage names help reflect on his different rapping styles he uses in the studio as well as on stage. Growing up in a neighborhood where there wasn’t much opportunity, Rico’s opportunity was music. His biggest influence growing up musically was Bone Thugs N Harmony. Rico’s next release will be on Halloween, The perfect time for a juggalo artist to put out a record. If there was one underground artist Rico could collaborate with, he says it would be Jamie Maddrox from the band Twiztid. Maddrox being a very popular underground artist, this helps show how relatable Rico is to normal every- day people. One song that stands out on Razablade’s most recent album was “Deadly Sound” which is like an anthem for juggalos. When asked about the song, Rico said the influence was juggalos in general. The love and support he gets from juggalos is what motivates a lot of what he does, he said. Razablade’s next performance will be Saturday September 3, when e will be opening for Nyland the Ods at the Hi-Fi club in Lakewood, Ohio. He describes his genre as “reality” which explains his stage name “Razablade Real.” However there are two personas to his performance. As well as Razablade Real there is also Rico Relentless. These two personas help split up his two styles, which to both he puts everything he’s got to make it as fresh as possible.