\"\" by Samantha Pounds Marcus Gray, most notably known to fans as Flame is a true gentleman, a great artist and more importantly- a man of God. He recently sat down with us and his words must be shared with his fan base. The following is a transcript of the candid conversation I had with Flame after he returned to the states from Trinidad: Q. You were recently in Trinidad working. What were you working on out in Trinidad? A. I had a couple of concerts in Trinidad. It was very exciting to perform there, and I also got the chance to get some sun and just hang out and enjoy Trinidad. Q. Let’s talk briefly about your debut acting role on From This Day Forward. How did you get involved with that project? A. (laughs) Yes; GMC contacted my team and wanted to know if I’d be interested in the role. This was also my first time acting. I have a tremendous amount of respect for actors because truthfully it’s a hard thing to do especially when it’s your first time. I worked with a great cast that really helped me also. It was just a great time and I’m sure people are going to love the show. Q. Are there any particular artists you are looking forward to collaborate with on future projects? A. I am open to collaborate with any artist that is willing and ready to make good music. Q. What has been a career moment that you will never forget? A. The transitional moment for me in my career was when my fourth album was nominated for the Dove Awards. The Dove Awards is like the Grammy’s in the gospel music community. That was really a career moment that I will never forget because I truly felt like I made it. Q. What inspired you to get into gospel music instead of the more secular music? A. When I first started into music I was into hip-hop. But God works in amazing ways where he allows things to happen to you. I was hit three times by a truck and after that situation I realized that I could’ve lost my life and I wanted to spread the word of how I was saved. Q. Where do you see yourself in five years as an artist? A. That’s a good question (pauses). In five years, I see myself as a household name and creating a curriculum in this business that others can follow. Q. As a gospel artist, what messages do you hope to convey within your music and work? A. The message that I want to convey with my music and work is that Jesus is the way and that his ways are better. Q. Any last comments you want to make? A. Yes. I really just want to reach this generation and let them know that Jesus is great and that again his ways are much better than the worlds way and that through him you can truly be happy.