Puttin On The Foil: Fire Up, Ready To Roll review

Are you ready for the most fun you’ve had listening to an album? No? Too damn bad, because Puttin’ On The Foil are set to unload all over you with Fire Up, Ready To Roll.

This album has literally a little bit of everything but the kitchen sink and rap music on it and it’s a country, rock, punk, metal party if there ever was one- even if there was one, it wouldn’t matter- this is the party.

It’s pretty clear from the opening track- “Shit Show,” that Puttin’ On The Foil is here for a good time and they don’t care who hears it. Then there’s “Comin’ In Hard,” which is a punk-infused anthem and “Drunk & Naked,” which brings their country side out.

“Fishin’ Song” starts off with a country banjo intro but blindsides you by bending you over and destroying you with a punk and metal fishing song. Following it up are “Sweet Prairie Vixen” and “Giver To The Liver,” which are both good drinking party songs- especially the latter, which is a metal ode to drinking way too much.

“Let Me Be” is a honky tonk, country-western anthem that leads into “Raisin’ Hell” and into “Ode To Drunk” which finishes off the album in true Puttin’ On The Foil fashion- another anthem for the beer drinker- is there any other way to end the album?

In the end, this is an album of anthems for the Heartland, the country fan, the metalhead, the punk rocker and the beer drinker. With Fire Up, Ready To Roll, all sides can come together for one common purpose- to rock.

This could very well be the most fun album of 2015.

Rating: 8.5/10

-Reggie Edwards