Psychostick return with funniest album yet

by: Reggie Edwards \"Psychostick

\"\"Psychostick is notorious for a few things, two of which being off-the-wall album titles (2003’s We Couldn’t Think of a Title” and 2009’s Sandwich) and hilarious lyrics meshed with face-melting instrumentals. Their latest effort, Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D, is slated for an August 16 release and does not disappoint. In fact, it may be their most complete and talented piece of work to date. Front Man Rob “Rawrb” Kersey said the record label called and let them know they needed a new record so the band began writing for the new release. 2009’s Sandwich was food-themed, he said, and he wanted the new release to have an outer space title. One of his fellow band members is a fan of Sci-Fi B movies and was opening his laptop to watch a movie one night and they were joking about what the title of that night’s movie would be. Kersey says they started making up names. “What are you watchin’ tonight? ‘Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D?,’” they joked. Kersey thought that sounded like a good title and the rest of the band agreed. The album is full of hilarious lyrics and samples a few songs. On “Sadface :(” the band samples Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People” and Antoine Dodson’s “Bed Intruder Song.” Kersey said none of this was planned. “We started jamming and it started coming out, I’m not really sure where the Marilyn Manson thing came from,” he says. Also on the record is a parody of “Bodies” by Drowning Pool titled “Numbers (I Can Only Count to Four).” Kersey says the idea for the song came from their former bassist. “When we would set up during shows they would be playing ‘Bodies’ and he would start singing ‘I can only count to four, I can only count to four,’” Kersey says. The band is currently on the “Unleash the Dumb Tour” and have been since mid-April. Kersey says the tour has been so much fun that they decided to just keep adding dates to the tour. On the tour the band urges fans to show up in the craziest, dumbest get-ups they can find while rummaging through their closets and houses. As one could imagine, Psychostick have seen a plethora of insane outfits on the tour, but Kersey says the one that sticks out the most was The Mt. Dew Tiki King. The band has decided they want fans to show up like that for every show from now on, though, Kersey says, so every show from here on will be the Unleash the Dumb Tour.