Psychostick release the vengeance in Kentucky

Not long after humorcore masters Psychostick unleashed their fourth epic chapter, Revenge of the Vengeance, we knew the world was in good hands when evil came to destroy us all. Since releasing said album, Psychostick has embarked on the Revenge of the Vengeance CD Release Tour Part 1 with support from Downtown Brown and Fungonewrong and recently made a stop at Covington, Ky.’s Loft Above Tickets. After decent sets from two local openers, Fungonewrong took the stage for a set that meshed the thrash influences of Metallica and Anthrax with the vocal stylings of White Zombie. Their homemade box masks added another element to the show that you just couldn’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Psychostick Revenge of The Vengeance CD Release Tour Part 1/Fungonewrong/\”] Next up was Downtown Brown and they didn’t just put on a rock show, they turned The Loft into a dance party. That’s right, it was time for a Downtown Brown Dance, Dance Revolution and if you didn’t dance or get involved, you lost out on one hell of a night. With a funk-infused metal onslaught, Downtown Brown put on one of the funnest shows of the year. With songs like “Orange Bitch” and “Terminator 2 Was Right,” Downtown Brown know their shit and they aren’t afraid to tell it how it is. Get ready, cuz Downtown Brown is coming for you. If you aren’t ready, too bad- they’re coming anyway. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Psychostick Revenge of The Vengeance CD Release Tour Part 1/Downtown Brown/\”] Finishing off the night was headliners and- if you listened to Revenge of the Vengeance– world savers Psychostick. They opened with the intro trailer which led into “Obey The Beard” and, as Penny from Big Bang Theory would say, it was “junior rodeo on.” They played a set that was a dream setlist for any fan of The Stick.  “Two Ton Paperweight,” “Danger Zone,” “Dogs Like Socks, “Orgasm=Love,” “Hokey Fucking Pokey,” “ABCDeath/Reading Rainbow,” and more were all in the setlist that included a good portion of the new album. The band pulled out a few of their signature stage moves too- the silent breakdown and asking the crowd what they hate before playing “Hate Times 8” as well as all members putting  on shades before busting out a dazzling cover of “Danger Zone” which included a short version of “Take My Breath Away” that would have been perfect for Top Gun. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Psychostick Revenge of The Vengeance CD Release Tour Part 1/Psychostick/\”] Despite some technical problems to start the set before they came out- massive static and feedback from the speakers and monitors, the band pressed through and played a show that was one of the strongest and best Psychostick shows to hit the Kentucky/Indiana area in awhile- the band was in top form. As always, they utilized the crowd and demanded crowd participation- mainly when a member of Fungonewrong dressed as a giant duck during “Quack Kills” and stage dove and crowd surfed around the venue. If you have a chance to catch the tour during Part 1 it’s vital to your health and life expectancy that you go. Don’t wait, don’t ask questions, just go….now! -Reggie Edwards Pre-show interview with Psychostick: