Psychosexual (ex-FFDP) Drop New Single \”Devil From Hell\”

PSYCHOSEXUAL, featuring former Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer on vocals as the Devil Daddy character, are ready to set the world on fire. The band has dropped the explosive and anthemic new single \”Devil From Hell.\” A distorted twang gives way to his dusky baritone as Spencer announces, \”I have only one burning desire…to set this motherfucking world on fire\” before exploding into a powder keg of a chorus.

Click the image below to listen to the song.

\”It announces we\’re basically coming here to kill it as much as we can,\” Spencer shares about the track. \”I found my own way and made my stance. This is the best way to introduce the world to this band. We\’re ready to make a fucking wave.\”

The song will appear on the band\’s forthcoming album, due out this spring. More details to come.

Psychosexual find the devilish crossroads between the crunch of White Zombie, the synth wizardry of Gary Numan, and the orgasmic goth of Type O Negative and cultivate their own signature style.