Pryti: Tales Of A Melancholic review

If there\’s one thing that connects best with rock fans, it\’s personal songs penned from the hardest of personal times by the artist who\’s singing. There\’s just something about art that screams loudest when the artist is at their lowest. Relationships tend to be the biggest subject when it comes to that as well. With Pryti\’s latest release- Tales of a Melancholic- she digs down deep into the very depths of her heart and soul, pouring out some of the heaviest music of her career. Musically, Tales of a Melancholic is dark, grungy, gritty and slow- which adds an extra element of power to the music and makes it even more dynamic and heart-wrenching. The slower, heavier guitar tones climb into the very soul of your cerebellum and make you listen even closer to the lyrics so you know just what Pryti is trying to convey to you. There\’s no filler here, just one full personal cry of pain and hope. Pryti has put her heart on the line with Tales of a Melancholic and she doesn\’t apologize for any of it. In fact, if you don\’t like it, she doesn\’t give a shit- this is her anthem and her diary put into words and into music and, in the end, she\’s created one of the most beautifully artistic pieces of music to be released so far this year. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards