Primus 3D blows audience\’s minds

***Disclaimer: The photos in this live review are not out of focus. They were shot with a 3D LED screen in the back, making the photos look out of focus*** \"\" by Reggie Edwards Primus have always been ones to do odd or strange things that make you take a second-look. What better way to keep this going than to embark on the first-ever tour to use 3D effects. “Wait! How is this possible?” I asked that same question when they announced this. I knew I just had to see what it was all about and it’s exactly what they advertise it as. Before the tour, bassist/frontman Les Claypool said there would be a 3D LED screen behind them, playing 3D video footage. Fans will get 3D glasses upon arrival and the images on the screen will be in 3D, giving them the illusion that the videos are popping out at them. I had a chance to catch the Indy date of the tour \"\"and this was definitely an experience worth having for anyone who loves Primus, psychedelic rock, or anything along those lines. It was your typical Primus show; the band breezed through song-after-song. Claypool strutted around stage as he usually does and he bantered with the crowd in true Claypool-style. “Hello Indy, you all look different because you’re wearing glass,” he teased them. “It’s always fun when it gets close to this upcoming holiday they call ‘Halloween’ because people come out dressed up….” He pointed out a couple “devil-looking fellas over there, the Day of the Dead guy over there, a guy in chains….” He also playfully mentioned someone dressed up as guitarist Larry “Ler” LaLonde, referring to the actual “Ler,” telling him he was going to call him “Pseudo-Ler.” From here, we were treated to an intoxicating guitar solo. That was the feeling for the majority of the show, too- intoxicating and hypnotic. As usual, Primus did not feature an opening act , nor do they need to because they’re able to keep the crowd entertained for two full sets on their own, blowing through song after song after popular song. Of course, with the funk elements of the music enveloping the bodies of those in attendance, most people couldn\’t help but dance. The 3D effects were better than you would find in some movie theaters and when you mix that with the bass-heavy music of Primus, you’re in for a treat. \"\" There were lasers, beams of light, bars of light, snowfalls, a beaver, a squirrel, Christmas ornaments, eyeballs, blocks of cheese, bubbles and more exploding out of the screen This definitely an experience you need to take part in if you get a chance. The tour still has some time left so make sure you get out and catch this one because it will blow your mind. \"\"