The Pretty Reckless: Going to Hell review

One of the strongest forces in today’s rock world is that of The Pretty Reckless. Their debut, Light Me Up, charted impressively upon its debut and developed a massive following almost immediately. Led by Hollywood bad girl Taylor Momsen, the band’s sophomore full-length, Going to Hell, shows the band expanding upon their sound and developing a diabolical metal piece of hard rock beauty that will appease the diehard fans and make believers in the process. Opening with “Follow Me Down,” we’re treated to a sensual Momsen orgasm track that kicks right into the song which has an old classic acoustic southern rock breakdown and chorus that will catch your attention right away and intrigue you so much that you’ll be eager to hear what’s next. This leads into lead single and title track “Going to Hell” and second single “Heaven Knows,” which may just be the next big anthem and a song with which you can close your eyes and picture seeing live surrounded by thousands of fans screaming and singing along with the Church of The Pretty Reckless. “House on a Hill” is one of the shining moments of the album and a ballad which showcases Momsen’s true talent and vocal talents- something that can sometimes be overshadowed by her strong sexual presence and tantalizing visual approach and “House on a Hill” may just be the stand out track of the album. “Sweet Things” is an interesting song, featuring a haunting aura that’s theatrical, beautiful, tempting and has a sound on parts that resembles Wolfmother’s “Woman,” while “Burn” is similar to “House on a Hill” and showcases the true pipes Momsen has on her. When it’s all said and done, The Pretty Reckless have given us an album that has shades and elements of 60’s and 70’s rock as well as metal, dance, hard rock, folk rock/metal and numerous other influences and is one of the most diverse-sounding records you’ll find. This one could very well be in the running for album of the year at the end of 2014. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards