PREMIERE: The March Divide\’s September Blues

The March Divide is the songwriting project of Dallas-based musician Jared Putnam. Over the years, Putnam has amassed an impressive catalog of four full-length albums, five EPs, and numerous cover songs and singles, all while relentless touring the US, playing 150-200 shows a year. Most recently, he immersed himself in the \”Distractions\” series. “Something I started as an outlet to release songs I was working on between releases has slowly evolved into more of a personal song writing challenge,” Putnam explains. \”Distractions, Vol. 5\” the last of the series is out now, on Slow Start Records. During that time, the press has discovered Putnam’s “completely clever” (Performer) songs “all about lyrics and melodies” (Babysue) that are “impressively hooky” (American Songwriter), filled with “bittersweet beauty” (Impose), and “catchy hooks” (Innocent Words). “There’s something wonderfully Fountains Of Wayne about it” (MAGNET). “September Blues” was written & mostly recorded at home by Jared Putnam, except Bass, played & recorded by longtime friend Ernie Garcia. Mixed & Mastered by Alan Sanderson (Elliott Smith, Fiona Apple). \”I wrote “September Blues” during an unwanted move from San Antonio, to the Dallas-Fort Worth area my family & I recently had to make,\” says Putnam. \”I’ve moved around a lot & I usually enjoy everything about it, the fresh start, & all the unknowns.\” But this was a different situation, Putnam explains, and it got him reminiscing about a completely different lifehe once had. \”Writing this song made me realize how much better off I am today, than I was in that other life, all those years ago,\” he concludes.