Pop Evil- Onyx review

\"Onyx by Reggie Edwards There’s just a handful of rock bands in the business today who are picking up momentum with every album they release. You can probably count them on one hand- okay, maybe a hand and a half. Pop Evil are one of these bands. In fact, upon the release of their upcoming release, Onyx, will be released with the lead single, “Trenches,” already in the top 10 on active rock radio. Their last album, 2011’s War of Angels, was a smash hit among fans and virtually everyone who heard it. The band picks back up with Onyx. Pop Evil kick things off with a hard-hitting anthem in “Goodbye My Friend,” that brings you back to the good old days of rock when bands like Chevelle, 12 Stones and others were reigning over the music charts. Oh the memories. With “Trenches” right at the beginning as the third track, this is a rock-fueled album and one of the band’s strongest releases yet if not the strongest. Pop Evil even get a little electronic on “Beautiful” and pull out some rap-like quick-cutting vocals reminiscent of Papa Roach and Thousand Foot Krutch on “Divide,” which may be the breakthrough track of the album and is destined to be a huge hit. There’s just not a dull moment here. Even the band’s softer songs, which have been some of their biggest (“100 in a 55” and “Monster You Made”), are exhilarating and breathtaking. This album drops May 14 and it may just be one of the best rock albums released this year. If you want an album that picks up steam with every song until the end, go pick up Onyx on release day. Rating: 9/10