Plain White T\’s Drop New Song \”Happy!\”

Earlier this year, the Plain White T\’s shared the brand new single and video \”Spaghetti Tattoo,\” an acoustic love song in which frontman Tom Higgenson recounts a memorable first date. The video finds the band appearing as puppets, with scenes that pay homage to famous moments from film history. Watch it here. Today, the band has followed up that moment with the new single \”Happy.\” Listen here. The Plain White T\’s new single \”Happy! is a chill, and, well, happy track. Lyrically, it offers an optimistic take on getting through a rough patch and looking forward to the future when a bad situation inevitably improves! Ironically, the melodies and chords a melancholy as Higgenson declares, \”I wanna be happy, happy, happy / What\’s the point of being sad? / I wanna feel good.\” It\’ll have you dancing like no one is watching. \”The thing I love about \’Happy\’ is that the lyrics are so optimistic and fun, but the chords and the melodies are so melancholy,\” Higgenson explains. \”It\’s like, \’Ok, I know I\’m going through something right now, but I just wanna get over it already and feel good again!\’ Like I know things are gonna get better, but I\’m not quite there yet.\” The Plain White T\’s were also in the news recently with a beautifully heartwarming story of Higgenson performing their signature smash \”Hey There Delilah\” bedside for a cancer-stricken fan who was named after the track. Read more at CNNPEOPLE, and Newsweek.