Picture Me Broken- Mannequins review

\"Mannequins\" by Reggie Edwards Picture Me Broken are back with their latest collection of music, an EP titled Mannequins, a four-song masterpiece that will leave you breathless. Still in the early stages of their career, Picture Me Broken have gone through a number of lineup changes, leaving only two original members. Throughout these changes, Picture Me Broken have really found their stride and come into their own. Enter in 2012-2013 and the band gives us Mannequins, perhaps their most honest and emotional piece yet. Although only four songs in its entirety, Mannequins is an astounding piece of work, showing us the band has what it takes to get in the ring with the big guns. With Mannequins on the table, there’s no reason why Picture Me Broken shouldn’t be on the biggest stages over the next few years and it’s clear their best days are in the very near future. Rating: 8.5/10