Parkway Drive Share \”Darker Still\” Video

PARKWAY DRIVE — Winston McCall (vocals), Luke Kilpatrick (guitar), Jeff Ling (guitar), Jia O\’Connor (bass), and Ben Gordon (drums) — will drop their seventh album DARKER STILL on September 9 via Epitaph RecordsDarker Still, their first full-length since 2018\’s Reverence, can be pre-ordered here. Today, the band has shared the video for the title track. Watch it here. The song is unlike anything you\’ve previously heard from Parkway Drive — it\’s a monumental song in scope, with career-defining performances all around. \”Darker Still\” creeps to life with a whistle and an acoustic guitar. From here — for close to seven minutes — the band takes the listener on a sweeping odyssey through guitar solos, ethereal choirs and strings, and a surprising vocal performance from McCall. \”Love. Time. Death. The great defining elements that make up our existence. This song begins with the simplest of human sounds and represents these elements as the musical journey grows to reach its souring crescendo before facing the inevitable conclusion of its journey. The night grows dark… darker still,\” states the singer. DARKER STILL TRACK LISTING: \”Ground Zero\” \”Like Napalm\” \”Glitch\” \”The Greatest Fear\” \”Darker Still\” \”Imperial Heretic\” \”If a God Can Bleed\” \”Soul Bleach\” \”Stranger\” \”Land of the Lost\” \”From the Heart of the Darkness\”