Papa Roach- The Connection

\"\" by Reggie Edwards Longstanding rock survivors are back again with The Connection- the follow-up to 2010’s Time for Annihilation and their first full studio release since 2009’s Metamorphosis. I say “rock survivors” because that’s just what they are. The genre of rock and metal has all but died in a lot of ways. Just turn on any rock station and what do you hear? Gotye and other pop bands- rock has all but died but there is a small remnant of rock bands left, and Papa Roach is one of them. To say Papa Roach went back to their element would be just the beginning on this one. Front man Jacoby Shaddix pulls out the back-in-the-day-style rapping we haven’t heard from him in almost a decade, which was great, and we get it right off the bat with “Still Swingin,’” an instant winner. The interesting aspect to this one is the electronic elements Papa Roach introduce to us. The Connection is like a meshing of the vintage Papa Roach and current musical styles and it works, unlike some other releases in the last few years (*cough KoRn cough*). One thing people don’t acknowledge as much as they should is the ability Papa Roach have to put out great ballad-style songs. Yes, “Forever” was an amazing song, and one of my favorites by them, but there’s also “No Matter What” from Time for Annihilation. The Connection serves up yet a few more good ones along these lines. “Before I Die” is one of the best tracks on the record and “Give Me Back My Life” is classic Papa Roach as well. Overall, this is classic Papa Roach at its best. There are hardly any low-points on the record and it’s just what fans have been waiting for the last two years. Papa Roach nation won’t be disappointed. Rating: 9/10