Ovtlier Unleash New Single \”Blame The Dead\”

Following their last ballad-esque release \”All I Need\”, Ovtlier is back with \”Blame The Dead\”- bringing a previously unheard aggression and heaviness to the table. While Ovtlier has always maintained a powerful musical presence, be it through songwriting and lyricism or instrumentation, \”Blame The Dead\” encourages unification amid unprecedented polarization; the track incorporates the best Ovtlier has to offer from a musical standpoint while extending a meaningful, lyrical plea to listeners.
Founder and vocalist of Ovtlier, Joey Arena, weighs in on his choice to share such a compelling message through his robust lyrics: \”We as humans are tribal to a fault. Whether it\’s a desire to never feel alone or to be a part of something, we connect and identify ourselves with what accepts us and our ideas- often without entertaining opposites nor an open mind. Politics have become such an identity for most that their thinking is no longer their own. The mainstream media has been proven time and time again as an unreliable and non-transparent source and yet, so many still choose to buy into it. It\’s become cult-like and any opposing views, even with the best intentions, are immediately shunned due to narratives. So many will not accept others, mostly because they can\’t accept themselves. Live and let live on all fronts! Disconnect yourself from the machine and hold political figures and the media accountable for their lies and deceit; educate one another with undeniable truths, with patience and love\”.
Arena closes his \”Blame The Dead\” mission statement with a simple but imperative call to action: \”While we\’re existing in times brimming with division, \”Blame The Dead\” is a plea for awakening and unity.\”
\”Blame The Dead\” is now available on all streaming platforms with an accompanying music video to follow.