Otherwise: Peace At All Costs review

Very rarely will a band release a debut that launches them to headline status and goes three singles deep but that\’s exactly what happened with Otherwise when they released and toured in support of True Love Never Dies in 2012. Enter 2014 and the Las Vegas rock outfit give us Peace At All Costs and it\’s everything the Wise Ones– otherwise known as Otherwise fans- could have ever expected. Earlier in the year, they gave us lead single “Darker Side Of The Moon” but anyone who knows this band knows that you can never pin down one specific song to summarize the entire album. With one Otherwise record you get multiple sounds of rock and that\’s exactly what we get here. While their debut saw some dark moments mixed with hope as well as dealing with love, heartbreak, peace, loss, added to a sonically diverse experience, Peace At All Costs takes it to another level. The dark songs are much darker and the subject level escalates to another plateau. You\’ve got rock, metal, soft rock, beautiful ballads and more that make up a cornucopia of rock bliss. A sophomore record is often more vital to a band\’s career than a debut. While a debut decides who follows you and develops fans, the sophomore release determines which of those fans stay, who loses interest and who brings more fans in and with Peace At All Costs, the legion of Otherwise faithful is guaranteed to increase exponentially. The songwriting has matured, the musical direction has gone in a more intense direction and Otherwise have created something truly, truly beautiful with this record. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards Singer Adrian Patrick talks Peace At All Costs, upcoming headline tour: