Otherwise brings the war in Fort Wayne

When Otherwise released their major label debut, True Love Never Dies via Century Media in 2012, they almost immediately onto some of the biggest stages and tours. They played all the major festivals, toured with Stone Sour, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Red, Filter and numerous other heavy hitters and their popularity quickly grew at a rapid pace.

Releasing three singles off a debut record is rare but Otherwise did it and at a comfortable pace too. Each song was bigger than the last and fans instantly connected with the personal nature of the lyrics the band put out.

Fast forward to 2014 and Otherwise have released their much-anticipated sophomore album, Peace At All Costs and have embarked on their first-ever headline tour, which sees support from newcomers Islander and Like A Storm- both of whom are following in the steps of Otherwise and are developing a strong following that\’s spreading like wildfire.

The tour made a stop at Fort Wayne\’s Piere\’s Entertainment Center and featured the full lineup minus Islander, who were playing a one-off show with Rob Zombie that night- I think we can let that one go since it\’s the almighty Zombie.

Like A Storm started the night with a set that showcased exactly what the Aussie rockers do best- rocking the asses off those in attendance and making no apologies.

In a city like Fort Wayne, most of the crowd was somewhat familiar with them and their hit song “Love The Way You Hate Me.” They tore the roof off the place and did exactly what an opener is brought onto a tour to do- warm the crowd up for the rock assault that\’s coming their way.

When Otherwise took the stage shortly after Like A Storm finished up, the crowd was antsy and refused to rest until more rock was blasted into their faces and they got just that when the Las Vegas rock soldiers took the stage.

As the lights went down and the band started the opening of “Love And War” from the new album, frontman Adrian Patrick\’s voice came roaring over the PA, screaming “Now I\’m bringing the war! Now I\’m bringing the war!”

The onslaught had begun and there was no going back. Those who weren\’t prepared had run out of time and there was no escape because Otherwise were out to take no prisoners.

They soared through a set that strategically included all the favorites from True Love Never Dies with just enough of Peace At All Costs to show the world just what the new music sounds like live.

“The Other Side of Truth,” “Darker Side of the Moon,” “Fate Is Your Enemy” and “For The Fallen Ones” were among the new songs in the setlist while “1000 Pictures,” “Soldiers,” “Die For You,” “Silence Reigns” and “Vegas Girl” were some of the favorites played on the night.

As always, Otherwise weren\’t only in top form musically but they were fun to watch as well, taking up the entire stage and playing directly to the fans on numerous occasions.

If you haven\’t seen Otherwise live yet, you\’ve been missing out. They\’re only getting stronger and better and before we know it they\’re going to be one of the most dominant forces in all of rock. When people say they\’re looking for the future of rock and roll, they need not look any further- Otherwise is just that. They\’re coming for the throne, fighting the demons and waging war on the death of rock and roll.

-Reggie Edwards