Otep talks tour, live album and new music

\"\" by Reggie Edwards When you meet an Otep fan it’s very possible you may be meeting one of the most diehard and loyal fans in all of metal music. Over the years Otep, fronted by the dynamic and very vocal Otep Shamaya, have garnered quite the fan following. With such a hardcore fan base it would be easy to make the assumption that Otep is making it big on the radio airwaves and selling out arenas. The truth is quite the contrary- a typical Otep show is held in the smaller venues and you will hardly ever hear them on the radio, something the frontwoman is very proud of. We had a chance to sit down with Otep Shamaya to talk about the loyalty of the Otep fanbase (The Tribe, as they’re also known as) current tour (they’re on the last leg of the tour right now), their 2011 release, Atavist as well as what some of her songs mean to her. It was also recently announced that she will be releasing her first-ever live record as well as the next studio album next year. Click below to hear the full-length interview: Interview with Otep Otep Shamaya \"\"