Otep talks Hydra, reflects on career

\"Otep\" by Reggie Edwards Iconic and legendary metal queen, Otep, recently announced her latest studio album, Hydra, will be her final studio album. Otep has enjoyed an impressive career which featured multiple Ozzfest appearances and a receiving a record deal based solely on her live performance, a feat which we may never see again. Otep sat down with The Front Row Report shortly after Hydra\’s release to reflect back on her career and to talk about the new album. She told us that part of the reason you see artists like the Lady Gagas, the Justin Biebers and a lot of country singers thriving is because their fans buy their music. When you put your heart and soul into something and everyone says they love it, but then go and steal it, it\’s hard to make any money off it. When fans buy merchandise at the shows, she said, that\’s great and it pays for the transportation from show to show, but when there isn\’t any money to be made in CD sales, it makes it difficult. She said her new album, Hydra, takes an instrumental turn back to the  early days of her career with a sound similar to House of Secrets, something she said was planned from the beginning and that the album is based on a short story-turned graphic novel she has been working on for years. Listen to the entire interview below to hear Otep talk about how much the music industry has changesd, the days when her band was first starting out, experiences on Ozzfest and touring throughout her career and writing her final album. Otep interview