Otep- Sounds Like Armageddon Review

\"\" by Reggie Edwards Otep fans, often referred to as “The Tribe” won’t have to go too long without something new from her before her new album releases next year. On November 5 the poet/singer/activist will release her first-ever live album, titled Sounds like Armageddon, a title all too fitting. Otep has always been very vocal in her political views and such a title just seems right for a live album from Otep. Fans will be ecstatic when they see the setlist from this concert-turned-CD. Surprisingly the majority of the songs, with the exception of “Fists Fall,” are all from albums prior to Atavist, Otep’s latest release- something fans of her older material will eat up. Fans who have never had a chance to see Otep will love this record because it truly shows what an Otep show is all about. This is a great look at the live side of Otep and makes you want to go to a show right now. So go out and buy this album when it releases (don’t download it because a physical album just sounds better anyway), put it in your CD player, crank it up to max, and let the Armageddon begin! Rating: 9/10