One: Worlds Collide review

A new band is emerging from the great white north, following in the footsteps of veteran Canadian hard rock bands like Nickleback and Theory Of A Deadman. Like the Metallica song that bears the same name, they are simply called One and while they may be traveling down the same road as the aforementioned bands, they are at the same time blazing a trail that is unequivocally their own, leaving ashes in their wake. The band draws inspiration from the likes of Metallica, Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, The Ramones, Rush, Guns N Roses and Nickleback just to name a few and their newest endeavor, Worlds Collide, for Pavement Music, which is their third offical release since their inception in 2005, incorporates elements of all those bands sound and is the embodiment of what makes them so damn good. Worlds Collide is a multi grooved colossus that hits with the concussive force of an atomic bomb while breathing new life into the stagnating world of modern melodic hard rock. The pulse-pounding riffs of opener “Tomorrow’s Not Too Late” are derivative of the first two Nickleback albums Curb and The State while the lacerating hooks of lead single and video “Queen Of Rock N Roll” are very reminiscent of “Bad Girlfriend” by Theory Of A Deadman and cut to the bone. Their further worship of Theory Of A Deadman comes shinning through in the runaway freight train grooves of “Dirty Little Secret,” which plays a lot like “So Happy.” Ballad “Never Live For Yesterday” is similar to the song “Here With You,” from the Saliva Blood Stained Love Story album and showcases a infectious as influenza chorus that will stick in your head for days or weeks to come. At the same time, the pulverizing and bone shattering grooves of “She’s Bad” will enthrall Otherwise fans and prominently features vocal breakdowns that pay homage to Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch. From the resounding Fuck You that signals the beginning of the Seether-esque title track “Worlds Collide” to the massive radio ready choruses of “I Want You To Know,” there is something for fans of 3 Doors Down, Creed and indie rockers Red Goodbye to enjoy. The frantic pace of “Daddy (Don’t Wanna Be Like You)” sounds like a cage fight between Shinedown’s “Devour” and “Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide” shile the monster anthemic chorus of “If You Could Only See” would make Austin Winkler proud and could be right at home on any Hinder album. You can’t help but be sucked in by the good time rock n roll of tracks like “Livin’ A Lie” and ”We Are One,” both of which boast vintage old school 70’s riffs and the cock-sure swagger and rock n roll bravado of AC/DC, Guns N Roses and Motley Crue. There are further nods to Shinedown in the huge sing along chorus of “Days Gone By,” which recalls the soaring melodies of “Second Chance,” “I Dare You” or “Unity” and is one of the album’s true glimpses of brilliance. Just when you thought it was over, you find out that the band have saved the very best for last. If you dig what Volbeat have done for the legacy of the late great Johnny Cash, then you simply must hear what One have done to “Folsom Prison Blues.” In a word- epic. Here’s the bottom line- The fact that this often overlooked band isn’t bigger is downright criminal and a crime that Worlds Collide should very shortly rectify. If you like ungodly catchy melodic hard rock, then One is the band for you. Rating: 8.5/10 -Eric Hunker