Northlane Share Video for New Song \”Carbonized\”

Australia\’s heavy trailblazers NORTHLANE have shared the video for the new song \”Carbonized.\” Watch it here. The song appears on their forthcoming sixth album, Obsidian, set for release on April 22, 2022 via Believe. Pre-order it here. \”Carbonized\” is a vital song that demands abusers and predators be held accountable. Driven by a visceral performance from frontman Marcus Bridge, you can feel his primal growl hunting offenders out of the shadows and into the harsh light of day to finally face their reckoning. \”Carbonized\” is ugly and confronting — and that\’s the point. \”We need to start holding predators and abusers accountable for the awful things they have done,\” Bridge says. \”Time and time again, the phrase \’separate the artist from the art\’ is used to discount and deflect the damage these people — often men in a position of power — have inflicted on those around them. Whether it\’s manipulating minors or putting a hit out on your wife, it shocks me that fans will forget all about it because their latest track is really heavy. Stand with the victims, not the artists continuing their careers as if nothing ever happened. This song is a reminder.\” \”Carbonized\” follows the release of \”Echo Chamber\” and \”Plenty.\” If you had to sum up Northlane in a word, it would be resilient. In their 12-year career, the four-piece has weathered the kind of storms that would have seen most other bands bow out of the game. Yet through every bout of turbulence, Northlane emerges on the other side with fortitude and a trailblazing body of work that shifts the tectonic plates of heavy music around the globe. Emboldened by the success of their 2019 award-winning album, Alien, Northlane\’s new offering, Obsidian, is their most expansive and dynamic album yet. Self-recorded and self-produced with the help of their longtime collaborator Chris Blancato, the sound Northlane have been working towards over the span of their career has been fully realised on Obsidian. Sonically spanning the gamut of their entire discography, Northlane\’s trademark heavy comfortably coexists with techno, drum and bass, intriguing synths, perplexing time signatures, and widescreen choruses. It\’s this fearless evolution that keeps Northlane light years ahead of everyone else in heavy music. Earlier this year, Northlane gave us a preview of the album via \”Clockwork,\” a frantic and pulsating fever dream that served as an insight into the mind of a musician forced to be creative after a devastating year and the toll it took on him. Throughout Obsidian, Bridge chronicles his despair at the state of the world whilst also trying to pick up the pieces and move forward with his own life after sharing his harrowing life story on Alien. It’s bleak, but that\’s the point. The release of Obsidian will mark an important milestone for Northlane as the band\’s first self-released record. Forging ahead as a wholly independent entity, Northlane have shunned machinations of the music industry to take complete control of their career. They recently took another step forward by launching their WORLDEATERS Patreon with the top tier selling out in just 24 hours. OBSIDIAN TRACK LISTING: \”Clarity\” \”Clockwork\” \”Echo Chamber\” \”Carbonized\” \”Abomination\” \”Plenty\” \”Is this a Test?\” \”Xen\” \”Cypher\” \”Nova\” \”Inamorata\” \”Obsidian\” \”Dark Solitaire\”