Nonpoint: Vote on what song they cover next

NONPOINT has announced that they will let their fans pick their next cover song in a new COVER CAMPAIGN! The band started with 64 songs, tapered it down to 32 and ended up with the 16 you see in the brackets below. The songs range from Hip-Hop to Classic Rock. There are even 80’s Pop, Recent Hits and 90’s Rock songs to choose from.

\”Over the years we have asked this question time and time again on our socials. Accumulating answers both traditional and nontraditional, from ages as young as 8 to as old as 80. Seeing how many of you discovered us years ago in this very fashion makes this campaign very special. We have always said that our fans are our lifeblood and always come to bat for us when we need them most. So with this campaign we wanted to show our fans the power they have being a member of the 361 family and Nonpoint Nation\” says the band.

Vote now in their socials and be a part of NONPOINT history.