Nonpoint Breaks Skin at Indy\’s Rock House

After two vehicle malfunctions causing two cancellations to the show and a replacement drummer for one of the opening bands, The Rock House in Indianapolis Indiana began rocking with Dead Man\’s Grill. This small more personal venue offered a very close interaction with the bands. After the opening song, Dead Man\’s Grill\’s guitarist looked into the crowd, who were standing ten feet away and told them “guys there is like ten to fifteen feet between you and the stage, could you all please take a few steps forward.” After that, the party was rocking. Dead Man\’s Grill and Soulsik, both from the Indianapolis area, were openers for the show. The front men for these bands, James Pope of Dead Man\’s Grill and John Miller of Soulsik, put on intense performances showing the audience that they meant business. Soulsik had to replace drummer Brent Roberston unexpectedly before the show that night. Playing in his socks Jeremy McCombs got his debut with the band and he was impressive for learning the set in mere hours before the show. Due to the vehicle malfunctions Gemini Syndrome and Islander were unable to make it to the show which left it up to 3 Years Hollow to perform before headliner Nonpoint. If you\’re ever looking for a band that sounds near identical to their album, 3 Years Hollow is where it’s at. Lead singer Jose Urquiza, who most recently filled in at a couple of shows for Elias Soriano of Nonpoint, has such a pure strong voice while bassist Dex Digga really throws down on some sick bass tracks. 3 Years Hollow focused on promoting their newest album, The Cracks playing some of the best songs off the albums such as “The Cracks,” “Chemical Ride,” and “For Life.” Then there was Nonpoint, hailing from the Sunshine State of Florida and one of the most energy filled bands that any individual can see. Seeing the band three times this year, it’s apparent that they do not let the size of the crowd impact their performance. From frontman, Elias Soriano- his drive, determination, his passion for his music and fans pours out through the bands lyrics and his performance while newcomer, BC Kochmit, on the lead guitar pours out his passion through his fingers on the guitar then you have Animal from the Muppets just hanging with Robb Rivera on the drums. This band is just full of pure entertainment. While playing numerous songs off their newest album The Return- “Breaking Skin,” “Pins and Needles,” and “Misery-” the band does not stray away from what got them to this point with “The Truth,” “Bullet With A Name,” and “What A Day.” Soriano was extremely interactive with the crowd and made it a point to make every single person in the crowd jump. Needless to say there were not many individuals still seated at the end of the show unless from pure exhaustion. -Luke Ballengee