NOBUNNY Does Double Duty in Chicago

On any summer weekend in Chicago, the options are for entertainment are limitless. This past weekend, there were more than a few choices for something to do. The Taste of Chicago was winding down in the center of the city and on the west side of town was staple in the Chicago street fair schedule, WestFest. One of the featured bands that played was California songbird,  NOBUNNY. Thankfully, for those of us that couldn’t make it to WestFest, the worlds favorite rabbit would pull double duty and grace the stage of The Empty Bottle for a late show.

Opening the show were local Chicago rockers, Mama and the Appleton WI  jack of all trades trio, Tenement. Mama took the stage to a somewhat sparse, yet enthusiastic  crowd and managed to light the spark of the cherry bomb that the Empty Bottle would become.

By the time that Tenement hit the stage with they\’re  hybrid brand of punk rock the crowd had filled in and those  the earlier gaps of space were now slivers. It was obvious that Tenement played Chicago before and have gathered quite a local following considering how many attendees knew every word that  singer Amos Pitsch belted out. By the time that Tenement\’s set was finished, there was an overwhelming sense of energy and anticipation that thickened the already heavy air of The Empty Bottle.

In the time between sets, people immediately flocked to the bar, bathroom or whatever business that needed to be tended to so that they could get a prime view of  the magic that NOBUNNY was about to bestow on the Chicago faithful.

Without a sound, NOBUNNY weaved his way through the hot and bothered Chicago crowd en route to the stage. Dressed in his standard motorcycle jacket, knee-high fish nets and black Fruit of the Looms, NOBUNNY appeared primed and ready to give as much energy as he received.

With one strum of his guitar the entire crowd erupted like a dormant volcano. NOBUNNY wasted little time and said few words but rather, focus on delivering a forty minute performance that overflowed with a level of energy and passion that is compared to few and outdone by none.


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